Amending fringe benefits tax return and updated exemptions

Posted on 15 July '20 by , under tax.

The Government has updated fringe benefits tax (FBT) exemptions to include travel in ride-sourcing vehicles under the existing taxi travel exemption. In the case that your business has been providing employees with such travel options and would like to amend your FBT returns to include the new exemption, the ATO has also updated 2020 FBT return amendment instructions.

New FBT exemption
Ride-sourcing vehicles are now included in the FBT taxi travel exemption. Business owners will be eligible for the exemption for travel provided to their employees in a single trip to or from the workplace:

  • On or after 1 April 2020, and
  • In a licenced taxi or other vehicle involving the transport of passengers for a fare, such as a ride-sourcing vehicle (excluding limousines).

Ride-sourcing FBT exemptions also apply to travel in relation to the sickness or injury of an employee.

Amending your FBT return
In the event that you have already lodged your FBT return but are eligible to be exempt from FBT due to the addition of ride-sourcing vehicles, there are a number of ways you can amend your FBT return.

An amendment to your FBT return can only be made if it is requested within three years from the date the FBT return was lodged. In the case that tax has been avoided, the amendment can be made within six years of lodgement. You can amend your FBT return by:

  • lodging electronically using Standard Business Reporting enabled software,
  • requesting an amendment assessment in writing through the ATO’s Business Portal or by post, or
  • working with a tax accountant to submit your request.