Feeling A Loss Of Momentum Running The Business? You’re Not Alone…

Posted on 22 November '22 by , under business.

Feel like you don’t want to go to work, but you’re the owner of the business?

It happens to everyone that runs a business. Sometimes it is easier not to make decisions, pay the bills, handle a difficult customer, or deal with a problem employee. Even when everything is going well, some days you would prefer to stay in bed or go to the beach.

Business owners are the spark plug for their businesses. When the sparks don’t seem to ignite, something must be done about it. If you run a business, employees look to you as a source of energy and inspiration.

When you are positive and engaged, they are more likely to be positive and engaged. Even when you work alone, if you’re unmotivated, work suffers, clients feel neglected, and your income can drop dramatically – sometimes permanently.

The solution lies in identifying the problem — and it is not always the same problem.

People lose momentum for different reasons at different times. So the first step in recharging your batteries is to ask yourself why you are not motivated at this particular time. Some of the typical reasons for this include:


Do you plough through a pile of work every day only to face an equally big pile the next day? It’s demoralising when you feel like you never make any headway.

Not Enough Work

Conversely, if you don’t have enough customers or projects, it is sometimes difficult to feel enthusiastic about those few tasks you have.


After working hard and long, did you lose a big sale or have a major project fail? Do you feel like your efforts are a waste of time?

Let Down

Perhaps you succeeded in landing the client or finishing the project, only to feel a sense of emptiness once the goal was reached.

Non-work Issues

Are you fighting with your spouse or children? Facing a serious problem in your personal life? Work can seem unimportant in light of other serious issues.


When was the last time you took a break, holiday, or had a good night’s sleep? How do you get your sparks reignited? Sit down and analyse the source of your weariness.

You have to identify the problem before you can begin to solve it. Consider solutions appropriate for the source of your lack of motivation.

Consistently overworked? Consider hiring more help. Bored? Plan new directions for your business or attend an industry seminar.

Get Help From Outside

It is easy to stew in your juices. Look at hiring a consultant or getting a business coach — someone to help you get perspectives and ideas.

Take Action

Moving forward by taking action, sometimes almost any action, helps remotivate you


Return to your beginning. Why did you want to own your own business? Financial security? Time flexibility? Ability to use your skills? Recommit to those goals, then consider one step you can take immediately to get closer to your goals.