How to deal with loneliness at work

Posted on 27 June '19 by , under people.

Feeling isolated while at work is something an increasing number of people experience in their lives. Studies suggest loneliness in the workplace can pose health risks as harmful as obesity or smoking. For both business owners and employees, here are some effective strategies that can help to make you feel less alone.

Encourage face-to-face communication:
Technology can often be to blame for an increased feeling of loneliness among workers. While it does enable greater workplace collaboration and digital connections, it can create the opposite effect when overused. Face-to-face and phone interactions create deeper and more meaningful connections with co-workers. Instead of sending an email or instant message, consider picking up the phone or walking over to your colleague’s desk to talk to them instead.

Cultivate workplace friendships:
Regularly organising social events outside of work can help staff to create more meaningful relationships with each other. This can also break down barriers between an employer and their employees, encouraging company loyalty and a sense of community. Activities you may consider include team lunches, after-work drinks, or group sporting activities. Employees who have more friends at work are more likely to be happier and consequently more productive.