Using Email Campaigns To Generate Sales

Posted on 14 May '21 by , under web.

With countless emails flooding your customer’s inboxes daily, it can seem like an insurmountable task just  to get them to open yours. Unless your email marketing is being handled smartly and creatively, it could go unnoticed and unread.

Email marketing is the act of sending promotional materials through email, where reaching your customers via their inbox can be employed as an effective digital marketing strategy. Often, this is done via email newsletter campaigns, that promote the products or services that you aim to provide your potential client.

Keep your audience engaged, build strong customer relationships and expand your reach with a good campaign. By crafting messages that have an impact and email marketing campaigns that your customers want to read, you’ll increase sales and your brand’s promotion in no time flat.

Here are some of the benefits to email marketing campaigns:

  •  Direct access to customers to reach out to them personally
  • Fantastic ROI (return on investment) with regards to roughly 17.5% click throughs resulting in a purchase
  • Segmentation allows emails to be split according to demographic targets or where the customers are in their journey on the site.
  • Emails can be a more personal style of promotion, if you have access to the customer’s personal information.

There are a few steps to take into account when developing and setting up the email marketing campaign.

  1. Develop an email list, be it through a signup form and popup form or other alternative.
  2. Segment the list into your marketing goals, ie. demographics, new subscribers
  3. Design the email to be eye catching, with:
    1. An enticing subject line
    2. A personalised greeting
    3. Brief but helpful description
    4. Visuals
    5. Compelling calls to action (CTA)
  4. Employ split-testing (or A/B testing) to test out what features are impacting reception, clickthroughs, etc.
  5. Review the results once you have completed the testing, and see what needs to be improved for next time.

A well-designed and structured email campaign can be an effective weapon to equip for your online marketing. Use these tactics to develop your own approach to email marketing that suits your needs.